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FieldConnex® DART Fieldbus Components Explained …

Existing intrinsically safe field instrumentation connects to the spurs of DART Fieldbus. And all components of DART Fieldbus are registered with the Fieldbus Foundation.

DART Fieldbus can be applied like any other FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 infrastructure available today, as DART only protects the trunk. This means:

  • Greatest selection of instrumentation for new plants 
  • Protection of investment in existing instrumentation for retrofits

Fieldbus infrastructure in process plants can now be installed with long cable distances and intrinsic safety throughout. The components are defined and described below. Please see the datasheets for complete detail.

DART Power Hub

DART Power Hub
DART Power Hub

The DART Power Hub for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 is based on the popular FieldConnex High-density Power Hub. It provides power to the segment and connections to the DCS system, so it is located at the end of the homerun cable in the control room cabinet. It detects the spark and switches it off.

The DART Power Hub features:

  • Optional Advanced Diagnostic Module for physical layer monitoring
  • Load-sharing redundancy of power modules
  • Output Power: 22.5 V / 360 mA
  • Host interface customizable for easy connection to any DCS

The DART Power Hub is first to introduce load-sharing redundancy. It balances the load current between the power modules. The power module operates in the best, most energy-efficient state reducing cooling requirements for the cabinet and increasing service life.

DART Segment Protector

DART Segment Protector
DART Segment Protector

The DART Segment Protector provides outputs with short-circuit protection. Outputs are certified Ex ib IIC for intrinsically safe instruments. The main attributes are:

  • Protection from short-circuits at the spur
  • Installation in hazardous area Zone 1
  • Up to four segment protectors permitted per segment
  • Safety limits: 23.25 V / 47 mA

Segment protectors come in practical stainless steel or GRP enclosures with cable glands. Options and accessories are easily selectable. Existing intrinsically safe field instruments are simply wired to the outputs.

The FieldConnex® Commitment to Durability

A DART Fieldbus cabinet solution
A DART Fieldbus cabinet solution

All DART Fieldbus components are developed with the highest demands on reliability and durability built-in. With the experience at Pepperl+Fuchs our products deliver:

  • Excellent quality in our passive impedance generating circuits and other products
  • Low power dissipation with FieldConnex power supplies
  • Easy handling via plug-in connectors with locking screws
  • The T-connector, originally designed by Pepperl+Fuchs engineers
  • Durability for a long service life and high plant availability