Serviceline Industrial Sensors
Serviceline Explosion Protection

H-System interface modules

H-System interface modules easily snap on to the termination boards with plug & lock installation—no wires, no tools. The modules secure the galvanic isolation between the intrinsically safe field signals and the secure non-Ex-side.

H-System interface modules feature high channel density, reduced space requirements, single loop integrity and simple commissioning. Two module groups are available.

HiD-Interface modules

The 18 mm (width) HID-modules feature high packing density, low power dissipation, and SIL 2/3 ratings. Up to 64 channels can be installed on a 16-position termination board.

HiC-Interface modules

Only 12.5 mm wide, single-channelled HiC-interface modules feature single-loop integrity, SIL 2/3 ratings, and reduced cabinet space requirements by as much as 33%. Their low power dissipation keeps the cabinet cooler and increases the life of the modules. Even though more channels can be packed into a cabinet, less power is turned into heat.

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