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Principles: How DART Protects Fieldbus

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Sparking is "normal operation" for a DART circuit
Sparking is "normal operation" for a DART circuit

With DART, sparks have no chance, no matter where the fault might occur in the fieldbus infrastructure. In normal operation the DART Power Supply supplies electric current without restriction. DART sensors located in both the DART Power Supply and DART Segment Protector detect a fault in the electrical system at the outset and switch it off before the energy released reaches a safety-critical level.

Many connect and disconnect operations cause a DART incident on a live segment. Thus, sparking is considered “normal operation” for a DART circuit. After only a few milliseconds the DART Power Supply switches back on – fieldbus operation is ensured.

DART Power Supplies and DART Segment Protectors always work together and provide the DART protection for the trunk. All possible faults that can lead to the formation of a spark are detected and the energy is controlled.

DART Fieldbus is just the beginning

Under the guidance and leadership of PTB, the German Metrology Institute, a consortium of companies, is pushing to turn DART into an IEC standard. The basic ideas are those that drive the people behind DART Fieldbus: Simplicity in all aspects of explosion protection. This means:

  • Interoperability based on a common IEC standard
  • Easy to understand – easy to engineer
  • Simple planning, application and validation

New ideas and solutions will be available in the near future that will simplify your applications.

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